What is Solar Color Dust ®? 
SCD is a UV sensitive or ‘Photochromic’ pigment (powder) that changes color from white to its respective color when exposed to bright sunlight or when placed under a UV black light.  It’s unique color changing properties can be used to make your project stand out!   

SCD is great for use in different types of clear plastic resin, epoxy, paint base, lacquer  and other applications.  It is the same pigment used in popular “Sun” Beads.  Color changing beads are awesome, but why stop there!?!  If you like to create your own crafts, jewelry-making, paintings, model hobbies, custom toys or even science fair experiments, use SCD to make it Solar!   

We currently have red, blue, orange, purple, yellow & green.  SCD pigment available.  We also have our special Glow Dust™ (Glow in the Dark) pigment which works awesome under black light or with our special ultraviolet diode laser pointer. Take a look at the demonstration videos on our “Projects” page for some examples in how 
Solar Color Dust ® & Glow Dust™ can be used!

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What is Thermal-Dust™? 
Thermal-Dust™ is a thermochromic powder which reacts to heat.   This heat sensitive pigment  that looses it’s color in temperatures of 86F and warmer!  Perfect for model hobby paint, resin and other mediums!  We offer the largest selection on the web of over 25 different colors to choose from!  Check out our “Projects” page to see how you can use Thermal-Dust™ for your projects!

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Welcome to Solar Color Dust.com, your one stop shop for color changing pigments, glitters and other unique materials.  
Let us help you make your project stand out, whether it be for Art, Science, Work Solutions or other unique Hobbies.  
Mixing our pigments with clear bases such as Resin, Lacquer, Clear Coat, Varnish & Gels can give you that extra special twist that will make project stand out.  
Make it Solar.  Make it Thermal.  Make it Glow.  Solar Color Dust.com can help you make it happen.

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Video demonstration with 
Solar Color Dust ®

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